32 oz Pool Treatment Concentrate | Natural Pool Water Cleaner

32 oz Pool Treatment Concentrate

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Easy Instructions Start with clean/clear water. Enzymes will not clear up dir…


Easy Instructions

  1. Start with clean/clear water. Enzymes will not clear up dirty or green water.
  2. Add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row to open/start up.
  3. Check & balance pH & alkalinity. Use Muriatic Acid to lower pH & Soda Ash to raise pH.
  4. Maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine. This usually looks like: adding 2-3 high quality chlorine pucks to chlorine feeder & set to the lowest setting.
  5. After initial 2 weeks, add .5 oz per 10k gallons every week throughout the season.
  6. Check pool for phosphates in the spring, mid-summer, and in the fall before closing. If you have a reading over 200 ppb, add a phosphate remover according to directions.
  7. When ready to close your pool, make sure water is clean & clear, add 2 oz. per 10k gallons 2 weeks in a row, then close & cover. Your water will be crystal clear in the spring. Repeat pool opening/starting steps.
  8. No other opening or closing chemicals are necessary. No shock needed. Keep filter clean.


This bottle will treat most 20,000 gallon pools for about 1 year.

Waters Choice Enzymes cut out most traditional chemicals. When using our enzymes you can eliminate opening and closing chemicals, reduce chlorine use, and stop using shock.  These savings offset the cost of this product. Aside from the cost savings, our pool enzymes will save you time. Cleaning tile lines and filters will be easier and they will last longer between cleanings. The water will stabilize and will not bounce every time you have a party or it rains. You will also now be swimming in water that is as close to nature as possible. Your skin and hair will stay soft, the kid’s eyes will not burn when they open them under water, and swimsuits and pool equipment will last longer.

To Use:  Start with clean/clear water.  At startup, add 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons 2 weeks in a row.  After that, simply add a .5 oz. per 10,000 gallons every week, until closing.  At closing, add 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons 2 weeks in a row and then close up.  In addition to adding Waters Choice Enzymes, maintain .5 - 1 ppm chlorine, and balance pH & Alkalinity. That's it!

  • Model: WC-32
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  • Manufactured by: Waters Choice, Inc.

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