BEAT Swimming Pool Tragedy

BEAT Swimming Pool Tragedy

Posted by TT on Jul 17th 2020

Swimming is such a fun activity that most of us have been doing for what seems like our entire life. Our familiarity with swimming can make us sometimes forget that this activity can still be dangerous.

Unfortunately, many people die from drowning every year and many people lose loved ones due to tragic accidents. There’s no worse feeling than seeing a loved one in serious trouble and not being able to do anything to help. Luckily there is a simple skill to learn and if learned correctly, it can help save many lives.

As a matter of fact, it’s important for as many people to become proficient and certified in CPR. Taking a CPR class is uncomplicated and the small amount of time it takes to learn this valuable skill can make all the difference between life and death. Here are some additional reasons why taking a CPR class is a great idea.


Knowing life saving techniques such as CPR can help you become more confident. Life seems a little bit less scary when you are trained about how to handle an emergency.

Equally important, knowing CPR is especially important when children are present.

Save Lives

During an emergency every second counts!  Sometimes first responders and paramedics may not be able to respond quickly enough to prevent brain damage from a lack of oxygen.

It’s estimated that brain damage starts to occur between 4 to 6 minuets after the heart stops beating.

Furthermore, being able to render aid before paramedics arrive may truly make all the difference between life and death.

Professional Benefits

Uniquely, there are many jobs where being certified in CPR is a requirement upon being hired. In our opinion, being able to list CPR skills on your professional resume looks very good for potential employment. 

There’s always a positive for having someone certified in life saving techniques in the workplace.

You Will Be More Proficient With Life Saving Equipment

While becoming certified, you’ll be able to complete training regarding how to properly use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Many businesses have an AED on site so it’s very helpful to know how to properly use it during an emergency.

Safer For Family

Studies show that in most cases of cardiac arrest they happen at home. The chances of having a medical professional right there, that can help immediately are very small. 

In like manner, knowing CPR is important in situations such as these when you’re on your own and waiting for first responders or paramedics to arrive.

Learning CPR and first aid is a crucial life skill around the swimming pool and in daily life. 

Always remember to become properly certified and know that if you’re not confident in helping in certain situations, you may be better off deferring the responsibility to others. Of course, don’t wait until an emergency to become certified.

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