Clean & Drain - Spa Purge

Clean & Drain - Spa Purge

A cleaner spa from the inside out. 

Clean & Drain is a very powerful spa purge product from Waters Choice.  We recommend that our customers purge their spas with Clean & Drain every time they drain the spa water. If you are using Waters Choice enzymes, that means just once per year. Hot tubs that are not using enzymes need to be cleaned and drained every 3-4 months.

For customers switching over to our enzyme products, cleaning your spa plumbing with a purge product first will minimize start up issues and save time and money on maintenance.

Spa plumbing is the perfect breeding ground for many different types of bacteria.  No matter which system you use to maintain your spa water, buildup will develop in the plumbing over time.  As this buildup grows, it takes more chemicals and precious time to keep your water balanced.  The longer this buildup grows the harder it will be to balance your water and get rid of the problem.  When you purge your spa with Clean & Drain, it removes these contaminants leaving your lines clean and your spa easier to maintain.

  • Model: WC-Clean
  • UPC# 650429311203
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1oz 30ml
  • Packaged by: Waters Choice, Inc.
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    The best way to treat your hot tub!

    Posted by Chris Mandeville on Dec 15th 2019

    We've had a hot tub for over 2 years now in Portland, OR. We started out using the Leisure Time products recommended by the hot tub retailer. This included chlorine, spa "up", spa "down", "shock", calcium and occasional use of a defoaming product. We had to use a lot of chemicals to keep the water balanced and clean.
    Our hot tub dealer mentioned Waters Choice as an alternative that used a natural enzyme and would require less chemicals. We slowly transitioned over, and now have been on Water's choice for over a year now. It's nearly impossible to review these products individually since they are part of a water maintenance system. Thus, I'm really reviewing this product the Water Choice system of which this product is a part. This product really DOES get the gunk out. You can see it in the water so you can tell it's really working. And it does make a difference in the water when you start with clean plumbing.
    1. We definitely use less chemicals and save money. Usually, we need to add a little bit of chlorine every few uses. Sometimes we need a little "spa down" to decrease the PH. We add a capful of the enzyme every 2 weeks and our water stays really nice! No more shock, calcium or defoamer products needed.
    2. We only have to change the water every 6 months to 9 months. Our water wouldn't stay nice as long with the old products.
    3. This is definitively subjective, but the water just FEELS cleaner and nicer. It doesn't get the odor is would occasionally get using the old products.
    1. I feel their instructions could be a little more clear and consistent. For example, they could consistently provide measurements in terms of "capfuls" instead of ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc. It's a lot easier for most of us to measure out 1/4 or 1/3 capful rather than 2 oz or 2 tablespoons.

    Give it a try for yourself!