Four Types of Filters


Waters Choice Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are designed to be cleaned regularly and last about a year. Our filters are made of a heavier filter media for improved filtration and longer life.

Clean your filters weekly for the first 6 weeks with our products then twice a month after that. Use a garden hose with a good nozzle.

It is a good practice to have a spare on hand and rotate filters. Do not let a filter dry dirty.




Turbo Ion Exchanging Pre-Filter

The Turbo Ion Exchanging Pre-Filter is a valuable addition to your hot tub setup. Here are just a few of its attributes:

  • Removes scale, calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and other heavy metals including chloramines, hydrogen sulfide and many other harmful contaminants.
  • Prevents floating flakes, unsightly stains, and nasty smells.
  • Reduces the demand on sanitizer and protects heater from burnout.
  • Higher quality fill water is better for you and your equipment.
Tip: Filters do wear out affecting performance and water quality.



Disposable Filter

The beauty of the Waters Choice Disposable Filter is that you never have to clean it! Simply insert the filter in the filter area and leave it. Check the filter at 2 months. The lifespan of a disposable filter is approximately 3 months and should be replaced at that time to ensure optimal filtration. Never try to clean or rinse.




Top Filter Saver

This filter is designed to fit on top of the basket under the floating weir that is in many of the spas built today. Keep in mind that this filter can plug very quickly and stop the flow of water through the main filter. If the filter is left in the spa, no filtration will be happening, and the water could go bad very quickly. WARNING: Do not use the Filter Saver Top if your spa uses a circulation pump to pull the water through the filter. These pumps are not strong enough to pull through the Filter Saver Top after it starts to get dirty and will not give the results you want.



Bottom Filter Saver 5"

This filter is designed to go over the lower intake in the foot well of most spas. With these filters in place you can filter out the heavier particles that fall to the bottom of the spa and do not get collected by the skimmer. WARNING: Most spas have two intakes for each pump. DO NOT COVER BOTH INTAKES TO A PUMP. If you do this and forget them they will stop the flow of water to the pump when they get dirty and this can cause damage to your system.


Try Our Disposable Filters


Hot Tub Pleated Filter Cartridges

You should rinse your filters at least once a week in the sink or by using a garden hose.
Turn off your spa.
Open filter canister and remove filter cartridge from spa.
Using a garden hose, spray the filter and rotate while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris lodged between the filter pleats.
If, when cleaning your filter, it does not come back to white, or if it has any kind of odor, clean with the following easy formula (per filter):

  1. One cup of bleach or vinegar per filter and enough water to cover the entire filter. A 5 gallon bucket works great.
  2. Soak for 1 hour.
  3. Rinse and replace.

Replace filters once a year. These filters help protect your health and your wallet. Dirty filters can even void some warranties. Always replace a filter if the media is ripped, bent, or imploded.
TIP: Buy two sets of your filter. While one is being cleaned, the other can be used in the hot tub so your spa will never be without a clean filter.
Never let a dirty filter completely dry.

Disposable Filter Directions

The easiest filter to use!  These may be used up to three months.  Do not try to clean.  Simply throw away and replace with a new one. 
TIP:  Disposable filters are great for winter months.

Pre-filter Directions

Turn the water on and flush out any loose debris for about 25 seconds.  
Connect to any standard garden hose. 
Then, begin to fill your spa.  The slower the fill, the more effective the process.   
When you are finished, store your pre-filter until the next use.  
Effective for up to 8000 gallons.
A pre-filter is a great way to combat water problems before they start. It is like filling your spa with bottled water. 

Tip:  Make a mark on your filter every time you use it to keep track of the gallons it has cleaned.

Filter Savers Directions


Filter Saver Bottom

Place round filter saver over the intake at the bottom of the spa, near the foot well. 
WARNING:  Never cover both intakes to the pump.  If both filter savers plug up, it will damage the pump.   Leave one intake open without a filter saver.
Use a high-pressure nozzle to rinse off.  These are much easier to clean than cartridge filters.  You can also wash them in a washing machine. 


Filter Saver Top

Insert filter saver top directly in the basket under the floating weir. 
WARNING:  Do not use this filter saver if your spa has a circulation pump that pulls the water through the filter.  These pumps are not strong enough to pull water through the Filter Saver Top when it starts to get dirty. You would not get the results you want.