Max FE Ultra C6-55 Extreme Pre-Filter

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The Max FE Ultra C6-55 Extreme Pre-Filter is an invaluable addition to your pool or hot tub setup.

This filter is also ideal for home owners with a well, people who love to garden, for RV's & camping, and for ponds & aquariums.

Max FE features:

  • Specifically designed to remove damaging metals from water supply.
  • Pre-filter stain causing metals before they have a chance to damage your spa.
  • Calcium becomes inactive with MAX FE ionic change - no more scaling.
  • Trap iron from municipal and well-water sources.
  • Specializes in removing chlorine & chloramines from water supply.

Here are just a few of its attributes-

  • Removes scale, calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and other heavy metals as well as many other harmful contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Reduces pesticides and bacteria.
  • Prevents floating flakes, unsightly stains, and nasty smells.
  • Reduces the demand on sanitizer and protects heater from burnout.
  • Higher quality fill water makes water feel more natural, soft, and pure.

Ultra C6-55 Pre-Filter effectively reduces:

Aluminum, Arsenic, Bacteria, Barium, Cadmium, Chloramines, Chlorine, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Endrin, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Lead, Lindane, Mercury, Methoxychlor, Odor, Radon, Selenium, Sil Vex 2,4,5-TP, Toxaphene, 2,4-D Pesticide, THMs, and VOCs.

For the ultimate fill water, attach this Ultra C6-55 pre-filter onto the Turbo Ion Exchange pre-filter and run the water through both pre-filters at a slow fill rate.

  • Model: WC-Pre C6-55
  • UPC# 816920024343
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  • Distributed by: Waters Choice, Inc.

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