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Pure Enzymes for Pools (monthly treatment)

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  • 12 oz. Pure Enzymes for POOLS (monthly application)
  • Pure Enzymes for Pools (monthly treatment)
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Easy Instructions Start with clean/clear water. Enzymes will not clear up dir…


Easy Instructions

  1. Start with clean/clear water. Enzymes will not clear up dirty or green water.
  2. Add 1 bottle of Pure Enzymes for Pools every month.
  3. Check & balance pH & alkalinity. Use Muriatic Acid to lower pH & Soda Ash to raise pH.
  4. Maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine. This usually looks like: adding 2-3 high quality chlorine pucks to chlorine feeder & set to the lowest setting.
  5. Check pool for phosphates in the spring, mid-summer, and in the fall before closing. If you have a reading over 200 ppb, add a phosphate remover according to directions.
  6. When ready to close your pool, make sure water is clean & clear, add 1 bottle of Pure Enzymes for Pools, then close & cover. Your water will be crystal clear in the spring. Repeat pool opening/starting steps.
  7. In March, lift a corner of the pool cover and take a look at the water. You may need to add some liquid chlorine, if any debris has gotten into your pool water. When you open your pool for the season you should be good to go. Just follow the opening instructions.
  8. No other opening or closing chemicals are necessary. No shock needed. Keep filter clean.

Product Specs


Product Specs



Pure Enzymes for Pools is a monthly pool treatment for up to 25k gallons. To use, add one bottle monthly, balance pH & alkalinity and maintain .5 -1 ppm chlorine. Eliminate opening and closing chemicals when using Waters Choice enzymes.  It’s great for any pool, but ideal for above ground pools. We recommend testing for phosphates in spring, summer and fall to get ahead of potential algae bloom.

Pool water is filled with organics like sunscreen, sweat, urine, and debris from plants and trees. This puts a high demand on chlorine, which means you must increasingly use more. Waters Choice Pool Enzymes will break down the organics in your water, freeing up the chlorine to do what it does best. This allows you to use less chlorine which is so much better for you and your pool.

Our enzymes are scientifically formulated to combat organics in your pool water.

They can withstand large bather loads and recover quickly.

Enzymes are all natural and safe for your eyes, hair, skin, pets and the environment.

Maintaining your pool with Waters Choice Enzymes enables you to eliminate opening & closing chemicals, shock, and reduce chlorine use.

See charts below to determine how many gallons of water are in your pool.

12' x 21'
15' x 30'
15' x 33'
18' x 36'
21' x 41'

Easy Startup Instructions

When starting a pool on Waters Choice Enzymes, start with clean water. Add 1 bottle of Pure Enzymes for Pools, make sure your pH is between 7.2 and 7.6, your total alkalinity needs to be between 80 and 120, and you should have a chlorine reading between .5 and 1 part per million (ppm).

Start with clean filters. If your filters are dirty the enzymes will be working to clean them up instead of the pool itself.

Check your phosphate levels. If your pool is above 200 parts per billion (ppb) you will need to bring them down with a phosphate remover. Once you have your levels under 200 ppb, retest ½ way through the season in the heat of the summer and just before you close your pool. If you have phosphates in your fill water, retest monthly.

Add one bottle of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools every month, up to 25,000 gallons of water. If your pool is less than 25,000, you can add less. The numbers will not equate equally. If you have a 5,000 gallon pool add 1/3 of the bottle, for 10,000 gallons add ½ of the bottle, and for 15,000 add ¾ of the bottle. These dosages are per month.

Weekly Maintenance

Test your pH, alkalinity, and chlorine and make sure to keep these in the desired ranges.

Vacuum and brush your pool.

Check pressure on filter.

Monthly Maintenance

Add one bottle (or correct dosage per your pool size) of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools every month.

Closing your pool

Cold climates.

If you winterize, Waters Choice enzymes enable you to cut out opening and closing chemicals. Add one bottle of Pure Enzymes for Pools, blow out your lines, and cover.

It is a good practice to check your water in March to see if it is starting to turn green, especially with mesh covers.  If it is green, add a little chlorine, but don't add your enzymes until you are ready to take the cover off and open your pool.

Warm climates.

If in the winter you turn off your heater and keep your equipment running, but do not use your pool, add ½ a bottle of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools every 6 weeks. Also, cut back on your chlorine.

What Do I need and Why?

Pure Enzymes for Pools - This does most of the work keeping pool water pristine

pH Increaser/Sodium Bicarbonate/Soda Ash - This product raises the pH

pH Decreaser/Muriatic Acid - This product lowers the pH

Sanitizer/Chlorine/Bromine - Assists in keeping your water clean

Test Strips - An easy way to check where your levels are at

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