Pure Enzymes for SWIM SPAS (once a month application)

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Swim spas are becoming more and more popular, but taking care of them can be confusing. As a swimming pool/hot tub combination it is hard to know what products to use. Waters Choice has the solution. Our Pure Enzymes for SWIM SPAS is formulated specifically to deal with the variables associated with a swim spa.

Pure Enzymes for Swim Spas is an enzyme treatment designed to maintain your swim spa water with the fewest chemicals possible.  This enzyme treatment is added to your swim spa as a full bottle once per month and makes it possible for you to cut out other harsh chemicals.  

When you use Waters Choice Enzymes, you only need to add Swim Spa enzymes, pH Up or pH Down, and Sanitizer.  You do not need shock, clarifier, de-scaler, de-foamer, metal remover, or anything else.

Enjoy the benefits of your swim spa without the complicated water maintenance routine.  Switch to Waters Choice and be amazed at the power of enzymes!


  • Model: WC-4swsp
  • UPC# 65042931005
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Manufactured by: Waters Choice, Inc.

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