12 oz Pure Enzymes for Spas

“This is the best enzyme spa treatment I have tried! Truly easy to balance.” Pam
Pure Enzymes for Spas is a monthly treatment that makes taking care of your spa as easy as it can be. Simply add one bottle of
Pure Enzymes every month, balance your pH, and add Sanitizer.

With Pure Enzymes in your water there is NO need for algaecide, clarifier, shock, metal sequestering agent, filter cleaner, or defoamer.

Additionally, you only have to drain your spa once a year instead of 2-4 times per year with traditional chemicals, saving you a lot of time and money, not to mention water.


It is common for your water to go cloudy the first time you start our enzyme system. This is normal. Unlike chemicals, enzymes take time to establish their environment. During this time, it is okay to use the spa, make sure you add Sanitizer. Do not overdose with Sanitizer trying to clear the water, this will cause the startup process to take longer.

During the breakdown process, carbon dioxide is created which can have a dirty sock smell. This gas gets trapped between the cover and the water. Normally, this gasses off within seconds of opening the cover. If your spa has a smell after it has been opened for a while, check your filter by smelling it. If the odor is in the filter, soak in a solution of water with 1 cup household bleach per filter for one hour.

Tip: Date the bottles to help remember when to add them each month.
Clean your filters weekly for the first six weeks, then twice a month after that with a garden hose and pressure nozzle.

You do not need filter cleaner. Household bleach is all you need.

What Do I Need?
Pure Enzymes for Spas
pH Increaser
pH Decreaser
Test Strips

Does most of the work
Raises pH
Lowers pH
Assists in keeping your water clean
Know where your levels are



Easy Startup Instructions

  1. Start with clean water that is less than 60 days old or purge with Clean & Drain and refill with clean water.
  2. Turn spa on and set filtration to a minimum of 8 hours/day (first 6 weeks).
  3. Set heat to desired temperature.
  4. Check pH and alkalinity and adjust if needed.
  5. Wait for spa to warm up.
  6. When spa is up to temperature, check pH and alkalinity again and adjust if needed. (Check frequently in the first month, until stabilized, then check once a week.)
  7. Add one bottle of Waters Choice 12oz. PURE ENZYMES for Spas. This is the enzyme that will do most of the work keeping your spa clean. Make sure to add another bottle every month thereafter!
  8. Add Waters Choice Sanitizer(granular chlorine). Follow recommended label rates.
  9. CLEAN (high pressure hose) filters once a week for the first 6 weeks! After that, clean every other week.
  10. Use your new spa
  11. Note: Most spas develop cloudy water during the first month. This is normal.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT – Please let the cloudy phase run its course. Add 1 scoop/2 tsp granular chlorine every other time you use the hot tub until the water is clear (about 4 weeks).
  13. If, at any time, you have questions regarding your water care, please contact us at

Full Startup Instructions


Welcome to Waters Choice. Thank you for choosing our water treatment system. You will now be enjoying your spa in a healthy, clean environment without all the hassle! These instructions are written to address the day to day use of Waters Choice and the potential challenges.

Starting up.

When starting up with Waters Choice PURE ENZYMES for Spas, purge and drain your existing water if it is more than 60 days old or is cloudy. Otherwise, you can use your existing water regardless of the chemical system you were previously on. If your spa is running on a Salt Generator, you can turn your generator to the lowest setting. Make sure your spa filters 8 hours a day during startup and heavy use periods.

For the first 6 weeks - CLEAN YOUR FILTERS WEEKLY with a pressure nozzle on your garden hose.

Test your pH and Alkalinity using a standard test strip, balance as needed. Also, make sure your Calcium Hardness is at your spa manufacturers recommended level (we prefer the calcium level lower than normal). Now, add one 12 oz. bottle of Waters Choice PURE ENZYMES for Spas. That’s it! Make sure you continue to add 1 full bottle every month. Along with the enzymes, follow recommended label rates of Waters Choice Sanitizer (granular chlorine)

Frequently Asked Questions:

My spa went cloudy after we started on Waters Choice.

It’s common for spas to go cloudy when starting with Waters Choice enzymes. This is normal and can be caused by several issues but most commonly it is from organics in the spa plumbing being loosened up into your water. We recommend adding one scoop (2 tsp.) of Sanitizer every other time you use the hot tub when this condition occurs to ensure there are no harmful bacteria present during the startup process. It will typically clear up in 3 - 4 weeks when the Waters Choice enzyme system is set up in your spa.

My water has an odor.

As the enzymes break down organics, carbon dioxide is created and gets trapped between the cover and water which can give your spa a musty smell. Most of the time, this will go away after the cover has been opened for a minute or two. If the smell sticks around longer than that, check the filter by giving it a sniff. If you smell the odor in the filter, soak in a solution of bleach and water (about 1 cup of bleach/filter in as much water as it takes to cover the filter) then rinse. Also, check that you don’t have the smell in the pillows and cover. If you do, rinse with the same bleach and water solution.

I have a green tint in my water.

Most of the time, water that is clear with a tint of green is from algae. There are a couple of ways to take care of this. 1. Check your water for phosphates (they are a food source for algae and could be the cause of the problem) and add a phosphate remover if necessary. 2. Increase the amount of chlorine you are adding.

I have small particles floating in my water.

This is also common. As the Waters Choice enzymes are working in your spa, they will begin to break down residues that are in your pipes. This typically only lasts a few days. Clean the filters if you see this take place. Also, make sure all the jets are open to insure water flow during the filter cycles.

My cover is slimy.

Enzymes are breaking down organics that are on the surface. When this happens wipe your cover down with a mild water and bleach solution.