Tranquility - Sample Size Aromatherapy Spa Salt

Tranquility - Sample Size Aromatherapy Spa Salt

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Sample Size Tranquility Aromatherapy Salt

Tranquility is our newest sample size aromatherapy spa salt.

This warm, inviting, and delicious scent is a balanced mix of warm vanilla and cinnamon with a hint of delicious berry aroma.

Relax in comfort and tranquility with therapeutic natural fragrances.


Starting Up

Waters Choice Aromatherapy Salts are so concentrated it is important that you shake the jar well before adding, because oils can settle to the bottom of the jar. The aromatherapy salts will fully dissolve after being added to your water and can be added before or during your spa use.

The amount you add will depend on the desired strength of the scent. Typically, 1/2 to one full cap will be plenty.

  • Model: WC-TranqSample
  • UPC#650429310221
  • Shipping Weight: 3 oz.
  • Manufactured by: Waters Choice, Inc.

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