Springtime Pool Opening

Springtime Pool Opening

Posted by TT on Apr 9th 2020

The days are gradually getting longer, sunnier, and warmer.  The dark, cold, snowy days of winter are gradually turning into Spring.  Before you know it, the Covid 19 virus social distancing, quarantine and isolation orders will be behind us. It'll be summer and time to enjoy your POOL! Yes!!

However, if you think you can just peel off your winter pool cover and plunge right into your pool, think again.  

At a minimum, the pH and alkalinity levels need to be checked using water test strips and probably need to be adjusted.  

Your pool equipment has been shut off for the winter season and not in use.  Debris has likely gotten into your pool.

On the positive side, remember to add a double dose of Waters Choice Pool Enzymes 2 weeks in a row when opening your pool.  

The enzymes need to become re-established in your water before anyone can jump in and enjoy.  But before that, let's look at getting that pool opened! 

Here are some tips to help you get your swimming pool ready for a fun-filled summer!  We hope it's be FULL of friends and family reconnecting after a long social distance and isolation season.Pool Cover

First, we recommend cleaning the pool cover.  Use a leaf blower to clear off any water and debris. After all, you don't want any of that in your pool water.  Use a shop vac or a small pump to remove water off of your cover.  

Next, remove your pool cover and lay it out flat on a large area.  Use a hose, broom or detergent to thoroughly clean it. Trust us, it's worth your time to this now and not later.  As a reminder, make sure it's completely dry before you bind it up and store in a covered, dry place for the summer.

Pool Water

It's a great idea to skim the surface of your pool water for an debris.  Even with a solid pool cover on, leaves and other debris seem to still get into your water.  We'll worry about the debris on the bottom of your pool in just a minute.


Check the status of your pool equipment, hoses and machinery.  Be sure to clean them well before turning anything on.  

If you've disconnected pumps and filters, re-connect them and make sure they work properly as well.  

Additionally, check hair and lint pots. Make sure they have water before turning on your pump as not to have an air lock.

It's really important to check filters, clear them of any debris and look at fittings and pipelines to make sure they are free of leaks or blockages.  

Inspect circuits and fuses as well, making sure there are no exposed wires. If you need new filters please check out our web page and order your filters.

Of course, if your swimming pool has electrical components such as lights and/or a heater, be sure to check that they are in proper working order as well.

Now that your pool components are up and running make sure to clean the walls, skimmers and surrounding area of your pool.  Use a phosphate-free cleanser so you aren't ADDING any phosphates to your pool water.  Be sure to connect your pool vacuum and clean debris from the bottom of your pool.

Testing the Water

As a matter of fact, now is a good time to test the water again.  Chances are the pH and alkalinity levels of the pool water are not balanced after sitting all winter long.  Adjust them accordingly to bring them into balance.  

The alkalinity should read between 80-120 ppm; the pH between 7.4 and 7.6; and chlorine .5 to 1 ppm.  

Equally important, if your pool water has any green color to it, you may need to increase chlorine until the green is cleared up.  

In the event that you continue to need a higher amount of chlorine to keep the green away, consider checking your pool for phosphates.  You can order chlorine and other chemicals from our website HERE.

Finally, add 2 oz per 10,000 gallons of Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate the first week and again the following week.  After that, just add .5 oz per 10,000 gallons every week.

Uniquely, when opening or closing a pool with Waters Choice Enzymes there's no need for any other additional opening or closing chemicals.

Don't Wait - Prepare Your Swimming Pool Now

Don't wait until summer arrives to prepare your swimming pool for use.  Make sure you use these tips to ensure you are READY when the weather allows you to take that FIRST JUMP INTO THE POOL. 

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