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Natural Pool & Spa Water Treatment

Why Enzymes

A typical enzyme will do its job about 1,000 times a second. Just like enzymes in your body, the right mix of enzymes with the right strength can make your pool and spa water healthier. Adding enzymes to your water is like taking vitamins to boost your immune system. With enzymes in the water, a healthy living environment is established allowing you to use less chemicals. Many of the chemicals we use in pools and spas are harsh and cause our skin and hair to dry out, our eyes to burn, and give off strong odors. When we add enzymes, eliminate some chemicals, and cut back on others, these problems go away, and many positive things happen.

Why Enzymes

Crystal Clear

Crystal clear water is at your fingertips. Enjoy beautiful water without harsh chemicals.

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Soft Skin

Soft skin - no chemical odor - easy maintenance - water lasts longer - saves you time.

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Safe Eyes

No burning eyes - no more damaged hair - equipment will last longer - safe for the environment - saves you money.

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The Natural Way

Welcome to Waters Choice, the natural way to take care of your pool and spa water. New to Waters Choice? Click on any of the pictures below to get to our category pages. From there you can click on any of the product pictures for more information.

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Spa Water Care

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Aroma Therapy Salts

Clean and Drain

The Starter Kit

Everything you need to startup and take care of your hot tub is in one box! Whether you are new to spas or a veteran user, this kit is for you. It simplifies complicated spa upkeep and allows you to spend more time relaxing.

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Go Natural Today

Waters Choice is an all- natural, comprehensive enzyme treatment for pools, spas, and swim spas.


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Family Health

Family health is #1. Enzymes reduce the need for harsh chemicals, giving you confidence in the safety of the water for you and your family.

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True Savings

Save time and money with Waters Choice. Enzymes can save you time and money and make your entire spa-owning experience more relaxing

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NSF Certified

Waters Choice products are now NSF certified. We strive for safety in every product in the Water's Choice lineup.

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